Choosing Modesty

The topic of modesty is always about what type of clothes we can or cannot wear. There is so much more to modesty than clothes though!

Choosing Modesty 2

Why do people wear short skirts? Why do people wear revealing tops? Why do people wear tight dresses? The honest answer would normally be to get someone else’s attention.

On the other hand, why do people wear long skirts or dresses? Why do people choose not to wear shorts that barely cover up anything? Why do people choose not to wear bikinis? The honest answer to this question would normally be because we are secure in the fact that we already have the most important person’s attention. God’s.

Modesty is not about clothes. It’s about security.

When we are secure in God’s unfailing and unending love and affection, we don’t need the approval or attention of fleeting human beings (specifically boys, ladies). Other people’s attention and affection cannot even come close to matching the security you have in Christ. You will always be loved no matter what you wear or how you look with Him.

Because of this security, I can choose to value God’s love and perfect ways over other people’s opinions. And it is so freeing!

I don’t choose to cover up my body so that no one else will see it. I choose modesty because Jesus sacrificed His life for mine! Can I then not sacrifice a little bit of comfort in the summer heat?

I choose to save my body for my future husband because I not only respect him, but I also respect myself. I respect that my body is a dwelling place for Jesus and His Holy Spirit. The Bible calls it a temple.

Choosing Modesty

Our motives are so important to everything that we do. If your motive is to grab other people’s attention, let me ask you this: Do you realized that God loves you more than those other people combined ever could? Do you believe that His love is greater because it is unconditional and all-forgiving?

These truths are what inspires and motivates me to choose modesty. I no longer need the approval of others to be secure in who God made me to be.

During the winter season, it’s pretty easy to dress modestly. In New York, if you don’t have every inch of you covered, you could end up with frostbite. That’s enough motivation for people who don’t normally even choose modesty!

But, with the summer months coming, I know that it’s more of a struggle! It gets hot, and it can be hard to stay comfortable and modest. So, here are some of my favorite tips to use in the summer.

1. Wear Dresses

I love wearing dresses no matter what time of year it is! I love things that are pretty and feminine, so especially in the summer, dresses are my go to! Dresses can also keep you cool during the heat of the summer and make things more comfortable.

2. Wear Shorts Or Leggings Under Short Skirts Or Dresses

When a dress or skirt is too short, leggings come in pretty handy! They can add a layer of modesty while still looking nice as well!

For any dresses or skirts that are above my knee, I always wear shorts underneath. This protects from any slips or mishaps, especially when I am taking care of kids!

3. Maxi Skirts

A few years ago maxi skirts were super in style! However, this year’s trend seems to be short skirts again. So, even though it may not be everyone else’s choice, remember that you are secure in Christ and don’t be afraid to choose something that’s not “in.” I love maxi skirts because they are comfortable and practical! You can get them in any price range, and they also make it easier in the heat.

4. “Look Down” Test

Do you ever wonder if a shirt or top is too revealing? The easiest way to tell is to just look down. If you can see any cleavage, that means whenever you bend over even slightly, so will others. A tank top or cami is a quick and easy fix for this!

5. The “Bend Over” Test

If you are wondering if your skirt or dress are too short, just bend over. If anything even gets close to showing, put some shorts or leggings on underneath!

Also, if you are wondering if your leggings aren’t thick enough and will be see through, do the same thing! If they are, get some thicker ones, or put something long over top.

6. The “Raise Your Arms” Test

If you think a shirt is too short (ehem, like crop tops), raise your arms straight above your head. If your stomach shows, either plaster your arms down to your side or put a cami or tank top underneath it. I personally love long shirts that go right down over your butt!

I hope hearing that other people are not afraid or ashamed to choose modesty inspires you to do the same! We may stand out from the rest of the crowd, but guess what? We are supposed to! God calls us to live differently from the rest of the world! Be secure in His love for you.

What is your favorite modesty tip for the summer?


How To Be A Teachable Woman

I recently read a verse in Proverbs that really struck me. It was one that just jumped off of the page and really stuck with me for the whole day.

“One who becomes stiff-necked, after many reprimands will be shattered instantly – beyond recovery.”

Proverbs 29:1

You read a lot a verses with this temperament in Proverbs. There is a lot of comparison between a wise person’s life, and a foolish person’s life. There is also a lot of verses directed at parents on how to discipline your child with love.

But then I realized that this wasn’t talking about either the wise person or the foolish. This verse also wasn’t talking to the person doing the discipline, but the person being disciplined.

This verse is saying to be teachable. When you stop taking counsel and correction from trusted people, you are beyond recovery. This verse points to the good in discipline and correction. It’s to steer you on the right course.

As a young adult, discipline and correction will look different in my life than it used to. There won’t be any “time-outs” or privileges lost. Instead, it will look like honest, constructive criticism. And as an adult, it is now my choice to decide what to do with this correction.

I can either take it to heart, evaluate my behavior, and then put it into practice, or I can choose to completely disregard it. The choice is mine. However, if we look back at Proverbs 29:11, it says that the wise choice is to not disregard it.

This is because if I choose to be stiff-necked, this verse makes it very clear that I am instantly lost to pride in my life. If I choose to disregard trusted, wise believers and their years of maturity and experience, I am digging a deep, deep whole of self-righteousness.

Constructive criticism is always at least a little painful to hear. It points out flaws in ourselves and in our behavior that isn’t fun to see.

However, if we take the time to look beyond the initial hurt we feel from the other person, we will see that their motivation is from a place of love!

How to be a teachable woman - Instagram

When we love someone, we want the absolute best for them. It’s no fun for the other person to bring up confrontation either, but they are doing it because they love us and want only the best for us.

Proverbs says over and over again how plans will succeed with Godly counsel. Well, part of that counsel is to point out mistakes and sins so we can avoid doing them again.

Even when we become adults and now have the responsibility and freedom of making our own choices,  we still have a lot to learn.

Humbly excepting these teachable moments may be uncomfortable now, but it will save us a lot of learning down the road.

So, when I am confronted with constructive criticism, I can choose the path of humility over pride. I can choose to be a teachable spirit, and look at my flaws and know that I have the power in me from Christ to change. I can accept wise counsel without the correction threatening my security.

So, next time you are confronted with constructive criticism, remember to be humble. Remember that they love you. Remember to be teachable. And remember Proverbs 29:11.

Being An Obedient Woman

God has been teaching me a lot about obedience lately. Did you know that I struggle with letting go of my own way? Well, me either until God called me to. When I struggled with letting God take the reins completely, I was bombarded with teaching about obedience. These came from books, people, blogs, devotionals, or just my casual Bible reading. All around the same time!

“Okay, okay! I get it. I need to work on obedience.” I told God. Since then, I have learned a lot about obedience. Specifically it’s not an action, it’s a lifestyle.

An Obedient Woman

And it’s the type of woman God has been calling me to be. So let’s jump in to what an obedient woman looks like.

1. She Trusts God

In my recent blog post titled What Does The Bible Say About Trust I talked about how it isn’t easy to trust, but it is simple. Trusting God may sound like such an easy task and you already want to jump to point number two, but have you ever actually tried it?

I’m talking about real trust here. The kind of trust that has no worry attached to it. The kind of trust that is accompanied by peace that no one can understand. Not just trusting Him for the big stuff either. An obedient woman trusts God with every part of her life.

She knows that God will provide for her every need. She knows that God will not withhold anything good from her. She is never lacking because she trusts that God’s timing will provide for her what she needs and when she needs it.

2. She Fills Her Mind With Truth

An obedeint woman can trust because she holds on to truth. These truths come from God’s Word, mature believers, and Biblical teachings. In filling her mind with truth, she is easily able to spot worldly lies that do not match up with God’s Word, and she stops any damage that they may cause to her mind, worth, or spirit.

3. She Walks With God

This is much more than faithfully going to church on Sundays to be taught. She seeks God out for herself. She meets with God daily in Scripture and prayer, and she looks for Him working throughout her day.

This connection that she has gives her peace and a longing to know Him more. She is actively seeking His will for her life, knowing that this will be the best that she could ever have.

4. She Is Humble and Submissive

To the obedient woman, submission does not mean being ordered around. Submission to God means that even when she doesn’t understand why God would hold something back, or push her out of her comfort zone, she trusts that God is all-knowing. God does not give her rules or boundaries to make her boring or keep her from fun. Instead, she is not restricted by these boundaries, but trusts that God’s boundaries are keeping her from what isn’t meant for her, and pushing her towards what is.

 Even though the obedient woman doesn’t see what God sees, she still trusts and truly believes that He knows best. 

5. She Does This All Out Of Love

Her motivation for her obedience and lifestyle is not to stand out or even to be a good person. Instead, it’s because she loves God and this is how she shows it.

When we love God, it shouldn’t just pour out of our mouths, but out of our actions as well. The obedient woman is so in love with God that she doesn’t take other’s judgements to heart. When deciding how to live, she only considers what God thinks about it. She knows she is secure in His love and acceptance, so she doesn’t need it from others.

Obedient Woman

I am working everyday to become more and more like this woman. She isn’t perfect, but she is living her life with God by her side.

5 of My Favorite YouTubers

I am not a tv watcher, but I do watch YouTube for entertainment. This is something that I have to be very disciplined on, however. Ever heard of the YouTube rabbit hole?

Well just in case you haven’t, it’s when you start watching a video (normally something that you intended to watch), and then you scroll through the recommended videos from YouTube, clicking on something else you want to watch when your video is done. The thing about this is the videos can get weirder and weirder, and you can easily find yourself watching something that is not appropriate.

No Rabbit Holes For Me!

I have found a little list of YouTubers that have consistently safe and appropriate content, though, and I generally stick with these. So, if you have been looking for safe and meaningful entertainment, I gotch you! Today I am going to share with you 5 of my favorite YouTubers!

1. The Bible Project

This is probably my favorite channel! Its run by an animator and a theologian. They go through different topics and ALL (yes all) of the books of the Bible, giving awesome visual contexts and so much historical background. They really help you understand the meaning of each book of the Bible, and even make books like Numbers make sense.

2. Girl Defined

This channel is run by two Christian writers from Texas. They are mainly aimed towards teenage girls and young adults. They give some really solid, practical, and Biblical advice on how to live in a Godly way.

Their Texan charm really makes them stand out! They also have a blog, and one released book (their other is releasing May 1st). I am actually using their materials for a Bible study with young girls from my church.

3. The Gathered Nest

The Gathered Nest is a Christian vlogging channel. They have 7 kids! Their family consists of adopted children, a set of twins, and a sweet little girl named Rosie who has Down Syndrome. If you are in to vloggers, this channel is safe and family friendly!

4. HeyKaylie

This channel is a Mommy channel. Kaylie vlogs her family (which consist of 4 kids), and does tons of craft videos! She is such a genuine and calm person (my favorite type of person), and she makes you feel like you are hanging out with family or friends. I never miss any of her videos!

5. Melina Ciciotti

Melina’s channel consist of Christian lifestyle and beauty. She is a young adult who is just proclaiming her faith and figuring life out. I love to watch her grow in boldness! She has an outstanding personality that can make you laugh without even trying! Also, her two dogs are the cutest (Samson and Delilah)!

Let me know if you have stumbled on these YouTube channels already, or are going to check these ones out! Christian content may be harder to find, but it’s out there!

7 Prayers for God’s Help and Strength

Some days are just plain hard. You know what I am talking about. Everyone has those days where they end up asking, “How much more of this can I take?”

When we have run out of our own strength, our God is there with His!

I have been trying really hard lately to fill my mind with Scripture. I want to use the truths from the Bible to recharge my wavering strength and ability. What better shield to use than God-breathed words?

7 prayers for strength

I have found that the best place to turn when I just need more strength than I have is Psalms. Different psalmist, including David, have been there before us. They have cried out to God saying “How much more do you think I can handle?”

So here are 7 of my favorite verses that are prayers for God’s help and strength.

1. Psalm 79:9 “God of our salvation, help us – for the glory of your name. Rescue us and atone for our sins, for your name’s sake.”

2. Psalm 86:1 “Listen, Lord, and answer me, for I am poor and needy.”

3. Psalm 89:3 “Be gracious to me, Lord, for I call to you all day long.”

4. Psalm 90:12 “Teach us to number our days carefully so that we may develop wisdom in our hearts.”

5. Psalm 102:1-2 “Lord, hear my prayer; let my cry for help come before you. Do not hide your face from me in my day of trouble. Listen closely to me; answer me quickly when I call.”

6. Psalm 119:116 “Sustain me as you promised, and I will live; do not let me be ashamed of my hope.”

7. Psalm 119:153 “Consider my affliction and rescue me, for I have not forgotten your instruction.”

We can take hope from the fact that God did hear these prayers and cries for help. And He will hear ours. I hope that you are able to use these verses when you are afflicted and troubled. Cry out to God for all your needs. He is faithful!

Download the free verse card and keep these ancient prayers close to your heart! Prayers for God’s Help and Strength Verse Card

5 Ways To Encourage Each Other

Believers are supposed to stand out from the rest of the world. We are to be known by our love and lifestyle. A big part of that lifestyle is to have a community that encourages one another.

Hebrews 3:13 “But encourage each other daily, while it is still called today, so that none of you is hardened by sin’s deception.”

This encouragement is meant to keep our faith strong. We are literally helping each other stay far from a hard heart of sin.

This is really a vital part of our faith. Paul actually says that we should encourage one another, as long as it’s called “today.” Well, everyday is called “today!” So, that means that we should be doing this everyday!

Encourage Each Other

Sometimes, though, our church and community becomes a place that you go on Sunday mornings, and that’s it. If we are only encouraging one another on Sundays, we are completely missing out on the type of community that Paul wanted for us!

So here are 5 ways that we can encourage each other every day, and create a strong community surrounded by faith.

1. Pray for Each Other.

This is probably the easiest, but sometimes the most overlooked thing we can actively do to encourage other believers! Prayer is simple. The best thing about it is that we don’t have to worry about even doing it right! The Bible tells us that the Holy Spirit intercedes with words too deep for us to even understand when we pray. All we have to do is lift each other up to our Heavenly Father. He knows our needs. He knows how to best answer our prayers.

2. Serve Each Other.

One thing that communities of believers are pretty good at is serving. When someone had surgery, is ill, had a baby, or had a death of a loved one, we are there with food and cards. These are all obvious needs though. What if we were to go above and beyond the obvious, or even the material.

How many believers in our communities are struggling silently. What difficult trials are people going through that are never discovered or brought to our awareness.

Normally when people struggle silently, it’s because they either don’t want to bother anyone with their problems, or they don’t have anyone that they can trust. Make sure that you are the type of person people can trust. Make sure that you let others know that you are seriously concerned for their walk with God. Tell others that they aren’t a bother and then be there for them.

Listening to each other

3. Be a Faith Partner.

Life is so hard to try to get through by yourself. When we walk this life with someone though, things can get a little easier.

Find someone to partner with. Tell them your struggles and ask them to keep you accountable. Read the Bible and encouraging books together. Pray for each other! Grow together in your walk with God.

4. Be a Mentor

A mentor and a faith partner are similar, but they are different. A faith partner will walk and grow with you. A mentor is an older, more mature believer, that takes the time to invest in your spiritual life. They teach you from their successes and their mistakes. They use the experiences that they have already had to walk you through experiences that you are going through, or are yet to have.

If you are a mature believer, find a younger believer that you can pour into. We have all made mistakes. The best part about them is that others can learn from them! They can see what worked and what didn’t in a more mature believer that has already been there!

I really recommend that you find a teenager or young adult who is just starting their life out. This can be one of the most confusing times in someone’s life, but you can make things smoother for them. You can be an encouragement, and invest in their lives.

If you are a teenager or young adult, find someone to mentor you. There are a lot of mature believers that would love to walk with you. They are there to guide you through difficult things with the wisdom they have gathered over the years.

5. Be Appreciative

Make sure that people know they are appreciated. If someone is doing a good job at serving, encouraging, investing, or teaching, tell them! All glory should go to God, but thank them for listening to God’s call, and for doing their ministry to the best of their ability. Ministry is hard, and sometimes knowing that you are appreciated can make all the difference.

Take the time to say “Thank You.”

Ministry also doesn’t have to look like the typical Sunday School teacher or Worship Leader. It can be all sorts of things. So, if you see someone doing something good for God, give them an encouraging word!

What types of ways have people encouraged you? How have they been a blessing straight from the Lord? Let me know down in the comments!

What Does The Bible Say About Trust

Trust is something more easily said than done. I mean real trust. Like, the “I don’t even have a clue of what will happen next” trust.

Or the “I don’t know where I will find money for this months bills” trust.

Or my personal struggle of “All of the plans that I have for my life are now out of the question and I am waiting on God to open something up” trust.

This is not something that comes naturally to me. My first reaction is not to trust, but to worry. Worry about what will happen next, or worse, what won’t happen next. My reaction is to take control, but, since I have no control it just ends up being anxiety instead.

God offers us so much more than grasping at straws and anxieties. 

He says to simply trust Him. Now trust isn’t easy, but it is simple. There is a simplicity in stepping back and saying, “Okay, I am not going to worry, I am not going to try and take control. God is the one in control and He loves me and will give and take for my own good.”

When we are able to react in this way, with trust, we will have a peace that is beyond understanding. Why do we have this peace? Because we trust that God is in control. We trust that God knows best. We trust that He already has our story written.

So today, I am going to share with you my favorite verses about trust. Read to the end for a free printable of these 4 verses.

1. Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you – this is the Lord’s declaration – plans for your well-being, not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.”

This is my all time favorite verse. I rest in the truth daily that God has a plan for me. Even though I can’t see it now, He has already made a way. He has worked it out for my good and for my well-being.

2. Proverbs 3:5-6 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding, in all your ways know him and he will make your paths straight.”

This is my second favorite verse. So often our worries and anxieties are simply because we only see and know the here and now. We forget that our God knows all.

Our understanding of the situation is not His understanding of the situation. He sees from beginning to end, and everything in between. If we trust God and know Him, He will be faithful to carry out His good plans for our lives.

3. Psalm 37:5 “Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him, and he will act.”

This verse reveals our lack of control in this life. We need God on our side. We need Him to act for us, instead of us trying to work our way through the maze of life. Commit your plans, hopes, and desires to God. Trust that He is good enough to plan for you, and He will act.

4. Proverbs 28:26 “The one who trusts in himself is a fool, but one who walks in wisdom will be safe.”

How many times do we say that we know best? How many times do we argue with God to just do this one thing for us? “Trust me God, this is right for me.” Your plans may be good. Your plans may even be pleasing to God.

But sometimes, God has something different for us. And that different will always be better than our own plans.

What does the Bible say about trust

This has been a very hard lesson for me to learn.

I had to come to the realization that my understanding is so limited. My understanding is the here and now. My understanding is so human.

But God, He is the One who knows all, sees all, controls all. I am His. He can be trusted to make plans for my life, and I can trust that they will be good!

Tuck these Scriptures and Promises away in your heart! Next time life throws you for a loop, don’t take the reigns away from God. Don’t say “Trust me, I got this!” Don’t assume that you know best.

But bring your situation to God. Tell Him what worries you. He already knows. Then leave it at His feet and soak in the peace that comes with trusting our Creator fully!

What does the Bible say about Trust Verse Cards